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Summer Courses 2013

Now accepting applications for 2013
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SF Jazz Course
jazz Orff Schulwerk is a dynamic approach to music and movement education created by composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. Proceeding from a strong conviction in each child's natural musical promise, the Orff approach draws it forth through the child's world of games, chant, song, movement, folk dance, drama and work on specially designed Orff instruments just right for the beginning musician. With over a half-a-century of tried-and-true practice in over 40 countries worldwide, the Orff approach remains on the cutting edge of all educational practice.

The San Francisco Orff Course is one of the largest and most prestigious of its kind in North America. Our internationally acclaimed faculty provides models for ways in which music specialists, dance teachers, classroom teachers and others can engage their students in joyful dance and music-making. We attract an international student body—last year we hosted 50 students from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

San Francisco Jazz Course 2013
The Jazz Course Brochure

with Doug Goodkin
July 22 - 26 , 2013