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Xephyr and Other Performances

Xephyr is a group of teachers/artists united by common experiences in Orff Schulwerk, a dynamic approach to music and movement education. We came together in 1993 with a vision of extending our work with children to our own creative lives as adults.

The Orff aesthetic of the “elemental” is central to our purpose. As described by Orff himself, “Elemental music is never music alone, but forms a unity with movement, dance and speech.” Using simple materials, Xephyr works collaboratively to produce works which weave together body percussion, movement, ensemble play, song and drama.

Xephyr has performed at two International Symposiums in Salzburg, three national conferences in Dallas, Seattle and Phoenix and in numerous venues throughout the Bay Area. We recently performed at the AOSA Convention in Long Beach in November of 2004. Our current project is a body percussion collaboration with groups from Finland, Turkey, Austria and Spain directed by Keith Terry, to be performed at the Orff Schulwerk International Symposium in July of 2006.

For further information, please contact Doug Goodkin.